Are UGREEN HiTune X5 a Swiss army knife earphones?

Are UGREEN HiTune X5 a Swiss army knife earphones?

17/10/2021 17:58, by Fedor Kravchenko, Featured: Feedback on Product

Hi! It's Fedor and today I would like to share my experience with the Community.


In these COVID-19 times, lots of people had to start working from home. So do I, staying home for already year and a half.

Lately there has emerged a need for good TWS earphones for general use, there are the features that were sought after:

·      Long battery life, both earphones and case;

·      Preferred codec - Apt-X;

·      Dual microphones for clear audibility during calls;

·      Comfortable fit;

·      Good and clean sound;

·      Reasonable price.


Having had bad TWS earbuds from other vendors before and some good experience with UGREEN accessories, I decided to give a try to a new HiTune X5 model.


Everything begins with the branded packing, which protects the product against damage during shipment and makes you know what is inside, once you take the parcel in your hands.



Beautiful black sturdy cardboard box with brand and model info at the front and lots of necessary info at the back looks modern and cool. Inside the box we find the case with earbuds, small box with Type-C cable and 3 sets of silicone buds (the fourth set is pre-installed on the earbuds), inside the cover there is a sleeve with a manual.

The characteristics for HiTune X5 earbuds are below, going forward I can say they are impressive for such a price.

FeatureName or value
Bluetooth SoC, Bluetooth standard capable: Qualcomm QCC 3040, Bluetooth 5.2
Codecs supported:Qualcomm aptX, AAC, SBC
Speakers configuration:10 mm PU + Peek Diaphragm
Frequency Range:20Hz-20KHz
Working time:
7 Hour single charge, 28 Hours with case
Charge Time:1.5 hours for earbuds, 2 hours for the case
Microphones, Clear voice technology:2 per each of earbuds, Qualcomm® cVc 



After removing the sleeve from the case, we see the Blue-Gray Metallic gloss finish, three status LEDs at front, USB-C port at the bottom, a reset button at back. Inside a case, on the lid you can find info about the earphones. Earphones seat at the charging and storage slots, held by magnets. They can be taken from the case easily, so as placed inside of it again thank to magnets. 

The earbuds have non-usual shape that allows locating the main mic closer to mouth and making overall fit more comfortable. Earbuds have touch control that allows answering and declining calls, changing tracks, controlling the volume, pause and play tracks. It is predictable and misclicks are very rare. 


I decided to fit my X5 earphones with own red buds from old wired earphones, as their size was right between of supplied buds that were too small and big for my ears. Fit is great, ears feel comfortable even after long wearing. They block the most of the sounds from outside, so they allow staying more concentrated.

 I used earphones with Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 cellphone and PC with CSR 8510 A10 Bluetooth dongle. Both support Apt-X codec.

 Specific use case for me is an 8-10 hours working day with 1 hour lunch break. I usually listen to music around 5-7 hours per working day, have around 1-2 hours of calls and use earbuds for video and audio after work. The first thing – I’ve never managed to drain the battery to lower than 40% of charge, due to quick charging in case during a lunch or other breaks. 7 hours of battery life for earbuds are clearly confirmed. 28 hours of case charge are also confirmed – earbuds were charged 7 to 9 times with such use.

 Sound quality is excellent. The bass is fundamental, rich and big, maybe HiTune X5 are the best bass-sounding earbuds in my experience. Middle frequencies are clear and balanced, treble is sufficient, not piercing or sibilant and provides great presence in sound on the whole. Connection is stable and uninterrupted even through a 16 cm reinforced concrete wall to the next room at the distance of 6 meters from PC.

 Microphones sound quality is also great, calls are crystal clear, both hear each other very clean and loud enough, even with some noise from outside when the window is opened.

 Conclusion is – yes, these earbuds are a Swiss army knife option, which will satisfy very different needs of user with pretty low price for a bunch of features. I’m 100% satisfied with HiTune X5 and can suggest them as great multipurpose earphones.


Thanks for reading! Hope my review will help you make the proper choice!

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  • GREENear

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    Have you tried the X6? can you make a comparative review? thanks


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    • Fedor Kravchenko


      Hi! Unfortunately, I don't have HiTune X6 at use now. X5 vs X6 specs comparison shows that they are very close. Difference is in ANC support, that is very good for clarity, advanced Diamond-Like Carbon Driver and Bluetooth SoC used (it is Realtek now, well-known and proved to be reliable), 6 mics instead of 4. At X6 we have SBC and AAC codecs, the second provides very good sound quality. I see more pros than cons in this new model.

      I've compared X5 with T2 I have. Main differences: Apt-X support vs AAC (frankly speaking, AAC is good enough), longer battery life at X5 - 7 hours vs 4 hours and different fit. I like them both, both have clean dual microphones for calls, cool sound and reliability. Battery life is different mostly due to the fact that X5 has more space for bigger battery. 


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  • Admin

    2 #

    Thanks for your kind review


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    • Fedor Kravchenko


      Sorry for being a little bit late with a Tech-Pro Team Member review, I hope I'm still in this program? I was quite busy for few last weeks taking care of my wife and my newborn daugter. It was a pleasure to prepare my first review of great product for Ugreen Community, soon there will be more of them, please stay tuned!


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