Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

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Welcome to the UGREEN Community!

The UGREEN Community is an open space for UGREENers. You can catch the latest tech trends, gadget reviews, and news from UGREEN, such as pre-launch, pre-orders, promos, discounts, and so on. Check-in, publish, comment on posts, and share your thoughts with us. The more active you are, such as posting more high-quality content, the higher rank you and your posts will be, and the more sections and UGREEN privileges will be unlocked. Can’t wait to start now? Let me introduce everything first.


Join the Community

1. Sign Up: Sign up and complete your personal profile with your email address, password, nickname, gender, login ID, and date of birth.


2. Explore The Community: Take a quick look around the different sections and make out the functions of each.

3. Check-In: Be the first person to check-in every day, and have a chance to win the UGREEN Community Medal after you've checked-in every day that month.

4. Search: Before posting a new thread, use the search tool to find out what threads have been posted to avoid repetition.


5. Find Your Interests: Find the threads that really interest you and chat with other UGREEN Members.

6. Report Threads: Please help us report the threads with improper content, such as racial discrimination, terrorism, sexual content, violent content, or any others.


7. Submit Your First Post: Make sure to select the relevant topic and category. Afterward, make a short and informative title for your post, then it's time to use your literary skills. Please note, no ads are allowed.

8. Ranking: The more high-quality content you post, the higher your rank will be. Please note, no click farming is allowed.

Explore the Sections

Home: Sign up or log in to your account. Catch up on the latest news with UGREEN official events and campaigns. Also, you can submit or look through the posts, check-in, and see your rank.

Forum: Catch up on all the hottest and most informative ideas. Also, we would be so appreciative if you could help each other solve problems in the Q&A section.

Post: Communicate with other UGREENers, and find great minds that think like you. In this section, you can follow the UGREENers that post interesting content, and you will be notified when they submit the posts in the future.

We sincerely hope you have fun in the UGREEN Community, please remember to show your respect to other UGREENers. So, please be polite and friendly with your words, illegal and offensive content is prohibited. Join us now and share your ideas, read threads, and unlock features with us. 

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  • Admin

    #Question 4: Guess how long it takes to charge a MacBook Pro 16'' from 0 to 60%?

    Go to our early bird landing page to learn more

    2 Hours ago

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  • david

    1 #

    Will you please add a ? or Magnifying glass form field so I can search posts. I'd also like to be able to ask the community a support question.


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  • Mahesh Kodituwakku

    2 #

    please add admin contact page or details it will helpful for the users


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  • ReviewCloset

    3 #

    I am publishing review posts of ugreen products


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  • florbel

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    Could you please add an email notification?
    For example, I would like to be notified by email about publications of people I follow.


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