Ugreen HDMI KVM switch not working on AMD device?

Ugreen HDMI KVM switch not working on AMD device?

27/01/2022 09:10, by Danny Sulistio, Featured: Feedback on Product

Hello, I just purchased a HDMI KVM switch after previously using the old non HDMI KVM switch, right now the new KVM switch is not recognized by my amd device, it recognized just fine with an decade old system, but the problem is the USB hub is not working on AMD device.

First, the HDMI KVM switch is intended for my brother laptop which use AMD, and while the HDMi work fine, the keyboard and mouse is not working/detected. But it's work fine on the intel laptop, then I check the device with my AMD desktop and decade old Intel laptop and it works just fine, is there any workaround for this?

Last Edit: 09:10 2022/01/27

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  • Victor Bulbanov

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    Hi all! I have Ugreen KVM HDMI. It works fine but the problem is my custom windows hotkeys where CTRL key is used dont work. I guess thats due to "additional" hotkeys hardcoded in the switch: CTRL-... Does anybody know if its possible to turn all such hotkeys off?

    Many thanks in advance.


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