CM512 Hub lost HDMI signal

CM512 Hub lost HDMI signal

02/02/2022 08:02, by geriko1, Featured: Feedback on Product


Since I buy it one week ago I am facing a lost of hdmi signal to my monitor. It happen randomly, mostly whn I am using google chrome. I have already update the to last drivers. Sometimes disconnect also from internet when I use the RJ45 cable. 

Version (2020-06-18) 

1. This setup program includes the following AX88179/AX88178A Windows 10 32-bit/64-bit HLK drivers.

   AX88179/AX88178A Windows 10 32-bit HLK driver v1.20.7.0

   AX88179/AX88178A Windows 10 64-bit HLK driver v1.20.7.0

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