Join UGREEN Community and win super mystry box!

Join UGREEN Community and win super mystry box!

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Welcome to the UGREEN Community, This is a place for all people. You can catch the latest tech trends, gadget reviews, and unique discounts from UGREEN. More important is that you can contact friends from around the world and benefit from each other's experiences. Hope you guys have fun here!

Now, UGREEN admin has prepared some GIFTs for 500 lucky members, join or giveaway below and win it! 

Will you win the biggest one?

Good Luck!


*Winners will be announced on June 15th.

*All rights reserved to the UGREEN Team.

Join the UGREEN Community, connect friends around the world!

Congratulations to the following winners:

Prize 1* UGREEN 4 ports 65W GaN charger:

Tasha Cain

Prize 2* UGREEN Organizer Bag:

Nicole A. 

Ryan Holmes

Prize 3* Multi-Angle Desk Phone Stand:

Felix Schumacher

Tanja Wittki

Mely Martínez

Prize 4* USB C cable & USB A cable &  Lightning cable(1m):

Сергей Узляков

Jesús Alonso

Sheryl Edwards

Prize 5* UGREEN website $50 cash coupon:

Alexandr Dubrovin

Alexander B

Prize 6* UGREEN website $10 cash coupon:

Linda Ellis


Kudrevatykh Eduard

Mas Ando

Nette Castle

Prize 7* UGREEN website 20% discount coupon:

Alexander Chernov

Shaunta fuller

Golikov Alexey

Saga mub

Maciej Bieszczad

Usama Rao

Muhammad Waseem

Dale Louderback

Sabrina 23 Schl?ger

peyotecoyoteaz Esposito

Prize 8* UGREEN website 10% discount coupon:

Pitchu Prashanth

William Harper

Prince Boy

Kevin Bai


Susan Cheatwood

Ulia Budylina

Jaime Ferreira

Akhil S

Bradley Marquis

Badal marmat

Steve Senkarik

David Escamilla

Túlio Vicente Santana Barros

Esther Bleich

Adam Epstein

Muriel Morgan

Mehmet ?ztürk

Jhames Linganay

Edie Benton

Viktor Preger

mike matula

Kiara Minecraft

Caleb Lavery

Mieczyslaw Szustakowski

Bharat Kumar

Bharat G

Anatolii Komendant

Kenny Khoo

Vitalie Solomon

Prize 9* UGREEN website Free shipping coupon:

Miguel Angel García


Piper Jones

Aakash Jaat


William Dalgauer

Norberto Cordova

Harpreet Singh

Dylan Rusbatch

Boris M. Petrov

Jose Pintos

Caleb Caten

Dhruv Chadha

Ryan Wallace

Vladimir Palyuga

Lance Saltzman

Asrul Kastian

Dominik Heinrich

Vasyl Palyuga

Carla Dinarez

starchelle haynes

Carlos Manuel

Kc babik

Robert smith

Mike Barton

Ner qwerty

Clemencio Mascarina

S?nia Beliz

Camille Verdoux

Human Cambridgeshire

Ruslan Lastukhin

Décio Miguel dos Santos Henriques

artyom pretkov

Amit Pal

Sergio AM

Chris Houlihan

David Rubio Mu?oz

Яблоков Олег

kelly tupick

Chris Davies

Albert Williams

Rohit Kumar Gond

andrew ruiz

Kakhaber Khmelidze

Girija B

Carter Burgs

Ilya Emelyanov

Javier Vallejo

Enrique Burton

Nikki DAgostino

* The UGREEN marketing team has contacted you via email, please check your mailbox then.

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    #Question 4: Guess how long it takes to charge a MacBook Pro 16'' from 0 to 60%?

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    Yesterday I saw myself on the list of winners, but today the list is unavailable. Am I among the winners? When will the results of the giveaway be announced?


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      Hi where did you see the list of the winners. Thanks


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